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An on-demand library of resources to help you learn the practical, beginner-level foundations of creative work.

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A platform for ongoing learners.

Learning creative work can be overwhelming. You may be thinking…

  • I don’t know where to learn beginning basics.
  • I don’t have time for a lengthy course.
  • Investing in myself can be expensive.
  • I lack guided and encouraging support.
  • It’s stressful to keep up with industry changes.

You don’t need to learn it all. Learn just enough of the core concepts to gain some momentum. Get unlimited access to a resource library that is always current and growing. Study your way, all in one place.

Video Series and Shorts & Digital Downloads

Library content is regularly being added so you can stay up-to-date and continue to expand your knowledge and skills.

Featured Content

Library content is regularly being added so you can stay up-to-date and continue to expand your knowledge and skills.

Become a well-rounded creative, quickly.

Library content is regularly being added so you can stay up-to-date and continue to expand your knowledge and skills.

If you like online courses, we have informational and project-based courses that are in-depth but not lengthy compared to most online course platforms. The videos are short in effort to keep your momentum going. We go for the short wins!

We also have short videos in case you just want to quickly understand a common concept without going through a course. Keeping content bite-size helps expand your learning more quickly and stay up-to-date more consistently.

We have digital downloads because sometimes it helps to read and write on paper. Whether it be a template for you to hit the ground running with, a cheatsheet outlining notes, project files or a lesson slide deck, we don’t limit our teaching to video-only. 

It can be frustrating to build a project that you know may teach concepts but isn’t directly applicable to the real-world. Learning by doing doesn’t need to be lame. 

Our project-based teachings contain relevant concepts, and they’re something you can actually use. In this way you can make projects your own, further increasing your engagement and helping you learn better.

Much of the learning content you find online is text-based reading or of videos where there is just a face talking to you in lecture. Many tutorials outline the steps without ever showing what you’re creating from the start. Sometimes it’s difficult to visualize learning outcomes when no imagery is presented at all. 

We spent great time creating visuals to help clarify concepts. You can expect a ratio of more visuals than talking heads, because the combination of visual and voice audio will help your brain remember what you’re learning better.

Searching for quality teaching content online can be difficult. Online courses can be expensive, and searching on platforms like YouTube give so many results that it’s a challenge to find consistency in teaching style. 

Save yourself some time by accessing one source for learning, and you can count on a consistent teaching style attentive to beginner-level learners.

Our subscription provides flexible learning, and you can hop around content with unlimited access. We’re not a pay-by-the-course here, and we don’t judge if you skip over a course lesson. You do you!

We’re not your formal online course platform. We don’t want to be. We just want you to enjoy learning like you would a Netflix subscription, comfortably and with great interest to continue exploring new topics.

“We’re using BrandRoots as a professional development opportunity for our marketing staff. Maria knows her stuff and explains topics in a way that is simple and easy to understand.”
Ken McMullen
Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Wealth Management
"I really appreciate how you break everything down. I feel I have learned a lot more through this course than taking anything on code academy."
Intro to HTML & CSS
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A subscription is great for...

Individual Creatives

Build a foundation of skills to help your next project, start that business, get that job or explore a hobby.

Organizations & Groups

Support your teams by providing a resource to help their professional development.


Explore resources to help you stay current and support your teaching with resources for you and your students.


Gain additional perspectives and resources to help your current studies, or explore career topics to see what interests you before pursuing it in college.

Meet your guide.
Hi, I'm Maria. 👋

It can be challenging to learn something new, but it’s necessary in order to stay current in creative fields. There’s a lot of learning content out there, but it can be frustrating to find beginner-level resources with great teachers and tutorials that are useful and don’t make you feel overwhelmed. It’s no wonder so many give up too soon when pursuing creative work. Where does one start learning the pure basics?

In an easy-to-understand and engaging way, BrandRoots Study Hall is designed to be inviting, educational and encouraging. It’s meant to help you gain momentum and build a foundation you can then grow from. Make no mistake, this learning is hard work, but this too is what sets apart the good from great creatives.

So, let’s be great and do awesome things. 
See you in Study Hall!

Maria Gosur
Founder of BrandRoots

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