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BrandRoots Study Hall is an on-demand library of resources to help you learn the practical, beginner-level foundations of creative work.

In the realm of careers, there’s a growing demand for versatile creatives with a wide-ranging knowledge across various disciplines. Within education, the call for additional resources to cater to diverse learning styles is evident. Freelancers and entrepreneurs must remain abreast of industry trends, master multitasking, and deliver results efficiently. Meanwhile, hobbyists and individual creatives should feel empowered to pursue their creative aspirations with the freedom to learn and create. Everything that surrounds our daily lives are of things that were created. Creatives are essential for the betterment of the world. This is where learning begins. 

BrandRoots Study Hall stemmed to solve a few problems:

It’s difficult to find beginner-level resources online, making it challenging to keep up with technology and trends; not to mention it builds frustration and breaks confidence and motivation to learn.

What Makes Us Different?

We offer beginner-level content that’s designed to build a strong foundation for your learning, ensuring an inviting and confidence-boosting experience.

The internet is flooded with online courses, yet instructors often feel distant, reduced to mere numbers, and disconnected from the learner’s journey. Learning becomes challenging when you lack a personal connection or resonance with your instructor. The educational experience can become uninspiring, lacking the essential personality and encouragement required to sustain your growth.

What Makes Us Different

Our unique approach involves a select group of instructors who you’ll come to know as individuals. This personal connection makes them more relatable to your learning journey and integral to your success. Additionally, we offer consistent learning methodologies, allowing you to grasp the teaching process more swiftly and accelerate your learning.

The internet is flooded with online courses and platforms that are all the same:

  • They boast about their extensive 60 hours of content, assuming everyone has the time and inclination to wade through it.
  • They force you to follow a rigid 1-2-3 structure, with no flexibility to navigate or skip tests and quizzes (who enjoys those, anyway?).
  • They rarely offer  supplementary materials like workbooks, slides, readings, coding files, or alternative learning methods.
  • All these platforms share a monotonous and unexciting user interface.
  • Moreover, they often charge per course, leaving you with a lingering sense of guilt for unfinished courses.

What Makes Us Different?

We’ve broken away from the standard online course platform and created our unique environment. The best part? You have the freedom to navigate content as you see fit, with no judgment or guilt. It’s all about what works for you. We believe in diverse learning resources, offering videos, slides, and comprehensive notes. Whether you prefer to watch videos or read notes, we’ve got you covered. Plus, if you’re seeking study materials, templates, or useful websites to enhance your learning, we’ve got that too.

Enrolling in courses is undoubtedly valuable, but they often demand substantial time and dedication. There are occasions when you simply desire a brief overview to grasp fundamental concepts and get started swiftly.

What Makes Us Different?

We recognize that the creative industries operate at a rapid pace, undergoing constant change. Sometimes, all you need is enough knowledge to propel you forward without delay. That’s why we offer concise videos and series, in addition to comprehensive courses for deeper insights.

We want you to explore content with the same interest and casual time you would a Netflix show. Learning doesn’t have to feel so formal. It should be easily accessible, enjoyable and stir a craving to continue learning more.

At BrandRoots Study Hall, we teach the most invaluable creative domains, encompassing design, coding and technology, productivity, marketing, business, and self-growth. Our approach emphasizes clarity, aiming to not only impart knowledge but also to ignite a genuine curiosity for further learning and boost your confidence in pursuing your endeavors and aspirations.

Learning is not just cool; it’s a smart, indispensable path to success. We eagerly await your presence in our community, alongside other motivated learners dedicated to achieving remarkable feats. See you at Study Hall!


Study Hall is a product by BrandRoots, which provides beginner-level resources to grow your knowledge, confidence and output in creative work.

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